Still Missing

Nothing exemplifies that you are missing from you life quite like realising your last blog was almost a year ago and the topic was (irony of ironies) Millions Missing 2021.

So it would seem regular blog posts or even irregular blog posts are not achievable at the moment. But that’s ok, for now, because I’ve found a different form of expression that I’m attempting to turn in a fundraiser for Emerge Australia.

If you’d like to take a look click here or check out some examples from the links below

Emerge Fundraiser

Language of the Chronics

Pacing Mantra

ME/CFS Awareness Stickers

While I will be using this blog to plug my Redbubble products for the fundraiser I’m really hoping the messages on the products might provide a little solace or solidarity. Sometimes you just need to know that someone else understands how hard it is.

So for anyone who needs to hear it…


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