So many feelings…

So little energy to do anything about it.

If you have a fundamental antipathy for the concept of one minute meditations designed for people with ME/CFS then this site is for you. I know you probably don’t want one more well meaning person offering you suggestions on what will help.

But desperate times call for desperate measures. For those of us who are normally house or bed bound we need a little counter programming to those offering ways to get rid of their bottled up energy while in isolation. Even if all I mange to do is annoy you then at least I’ve provided a 60 second distraction from a pandemic. In fact, if you’re really annoyed continue the distraction and participate in the comments section on any of my blogs or better yet, tell me your story.

I am learning that my default setting is sarcasm with a side serving of off beat waggishness. That is sitting just above a layer of sadness for those suffering and a bottom layer of perfectly normal existential dread. My attempts at levity are in no way about minimising your pain or distress. Let me know what default settings are getting you through?

Latest from the Blog

Positivity without profound cognitive dissonance

It is true that I shouldn’t need a label of “art” to elevate an activity to something meaningful or of value. But the mental gymnastics required to reject society’s expectations of acceptable use of your time is too exhausting. Educating others on why it’s not possible to be living a life out and about in the world is exhausting. Constantly monitoring and pushing back on your internal critique is exhausting.

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Too tired to be inspired

Inspirational, quotes, mantras, motivational mottos and affirmations have their place in providing us with a way to refocus to the present or the positive, give hope, perspective courage or peace. If utilised at the right time they can be transformative. But on the bad days, words of wisdom need a little more lived experience of chronic conditions, a little more ME/CFS context to the grand aspirational proclamations.

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