If you have a fundamental antipathy for the concept of one minute meditations designed for people with ME/CFS and Long Covid then this site is for you. This is not about one more well meaning person offering you suggestions on what will help. It’s about offering some options from one M.E. Endurer to another.

For the record, in case you need to hear it from me before you continue, the symptoms of ME/CFS or Long Covid are not in your head. Providing tools that might help you cope with having a chronic illness is in no way supposed to be a treatment or cure for ME/CFS or Long Covid.

If your thoughts, emotions or worries are tumbling and escalating, take a look at the ME/CFS friendly resources to see if any of the little exercises help you trick the brain into focussing on something else. Even if its just for a minute.

Just so you know, I am learning that my default setting is sarcasm with a side serving of off beat waggishness. That is sitting just above a layer of sadness for those suffering and a bottom layer of perfectly normal existential dread. My attempts at levity are in no way about minimising your pain or distress.

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Ensō Meditation

In case you need me to say it again, I am not in any way suggesting you can meditate, relax or breathe your way out of chronic illness symptoms. The tools on this website are a way to get through the moment, a distraction when intense emotions are threatening to overwhelm us, as well as…

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Fierce Compassion Follow up

Studies show having high self-esteem does not help counteract self-criticism as well as the ability to be self-reassuring. Therefore at times when our inner bully is particularly loud we can protect ourselves a little better from the negative impacts of self-criticism by focussing on compassion rather than building up our self-esteem. This is especially important…

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Fierce Compassion

If only it was as easy to apply self compassion as it was to show compassion to the people around us.

Because we live in a society that rewards and reveres productivity and a “push through” mindset, we have to protect our health and well-being by applying a level of self-compassion that is kind…

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This site was written on Kabi Kabi Country. 

I acknowledge the Traditional Owners of Country, throughout Australia and recognise their continuing connection to the land and waters, and I thank them for protecting this beautiful ecosystem for time immemorial. I pay my respects to Elders past, present and emerging.

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