Long Covid

We are in this together

While society may be focussed on wellness and living in a post pandemic world those with ME/CFS understand that experiencing Long Covid means you have not recovered and are trying to adapt to a life as a well-less person.

Completely understandably, it may be scary for Long haulers to acknowledge the similarities between ME/CFS and Long Covid because of the lack of treatment options. But it is definitely worth checking out the management strategies for ME/CFS to give yourself the best possible chance of limiting the severity of the symptoms.

Please know that many of the ME/CFS organisations now include support, advocacy and resources for Long Covid as well. Though their names may not have changed their focus and scope now encompass the Long Hauler community as well.

Long Covid Stickers and Magnets

Help raise awareness and funds for Long Covid and spread the word that those suffering symptoms of Long Covid are seen, heard and believed. Or give a gift that lets Long Haulers know you understand.

All proceeds from this collection will be donated to Emerge Australia as part of a community based fundraiser.

Emerge is a national organisation providing education, advocacy, research and support services for people living with myalgic encephalomyelitis/chronic fatigue syndrome (ME/CFS) as well as Long Covid.

You can also check out this artwork on many other products as well as other designs in my Long Covid Collection.

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