If you are a peaceful warrior who has already found a pathway to accepting your diagnosis, I salute you.

If you are striving for complete acceptance because you feel that will work for you, 100% go for it.

The resource below is for those who may be struggling with the concept of acceptance.

You are not alone.

complexity and individuation of the experience of ME/CFS and Long Covid means the ways in which we cope and adjust are extremely challenging and difficult to generalise.


This resource is not about minimising the illness or the negative effects it may have on you.


Most people have to confront continued loss as the illness progresses or changes meaning the depths of both grief and acceptance are continually changing.


This is about exploring pathways towards accepting the diagnosis on your terms, in your own way.


It’s ok if you’re not ready, it’s ok if your way of coping doesn’t include acceptance. This resource will be here when and if you decide to take a peek.

Scroll through the resource or click the link below to see a full page version.




Acceptance on your terms



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