Fierce Compassion

If only it was as easy to apply self compassion as it is to show compassion to the people around us.

Because we live in a society that rewards and reveres productivity and a “push through” mindset, we have to protect our health and well-being by applying a level of self-compassion that is kind and gentle yet courageous and fierce. To ease you into the duality of self-compassion I’ve added a new resource that uses a yin and yang approach. 

The Yin represents your innate kind heartedness that can be turned inwards once you are able to validate your suffering. Embracing the Yin requires acknowledging how incredibly hard it is to live with a debilitating, chronic illness.  Acknowledging that you deserve self-care and do not need to earn it and that you deserve to be protected from things that harm you. 

The Yang represents the protective strength you already possess and focussing that on yourself. Embracing the Yang requires acknowledging the courage you have already shown to survive and manage your condition. Acknowledging that you deserve to put your health first without needing to justify your self-care boundaries.

Even if you are surrounded by people who may not be supportive or understanding the goal is to give you a sense of calmness and stability in the Yin and protective strength in the Yang. 

Even if you still think compassion is only something you apply to others then consider this, the wonderful thing about fierce self-compassion is that it isn’t just about you. Every time you show self-compassion it’s a shining light that creates a permission structure for others to do the same.

This tool was adapted from work by Elaine Houston and Dr. Kristin Neff’s ‘Fierce Self-Compassion Break’.

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