Millions missing – Millions more hoping they won’t fade from view

ME/CFS Awareness Week

The Bitter

The inability to keep avoiding the flash of recognition of how many more things you are missing from than last year.

The volume of campaign events and activities that you will be unable to attend even virtually.

The apprehension that telling your ME/CFS journey in full is grievous information for those who may have been recently diagnosed, currently only experiencing mild symptoms or worried about outcomes for Long Covid.

Sad and mad that ME Awareness is still necessary.

Concern for those in the ME/CFS community who may be putting their health on the line to organise and participate and sadness for those who desperately want to participate but due to their health are missing from millions missing.

The sweet

Feeling the solidarity and affinity with an amazing community.

Cherishing the healthy allies willing to help.

Grateful to those who have cast an eye over the campaign and seen what may have been invisible to them before.

Hopeful that the campaign has reached some uniformed or ill-informed health professionals.

Knowing that those looking for answers or support have seen the resources available to them to help find a pathway to diagnosis, manage the symptoms and feel less alone.

The life affirming

Finding pieces of yourself reflected in others words and artwork and discovering new ways to pick up the threads of your own arrested story.

To the millions missing and millions more desperately hoping you will not fade from view – You are seen and you are not alone.

Check out these links to see more amazing members of the community sharing their millions missing stories.

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