A link in the chain. If you are so inclined

Most of us were experiencing the world differently to those who were out and about and now we’re experiencing the world differently than those who have been told to stay home. Being accustomed to being home bound and/or bed bound or used to feeling vulnerable because of our precarious health situation doesn’t make this any less unprecedented for those with ME/CFS. We’re feeling all the feelings but with so many people hurting and distressed it may not feel like the time for a ‘woe as me’ attitude. But you’re entitled to your feelings and your feelings are valid, you don’t have to be the perfect example of resilience and courage all day every day. 

What will help is normalising what we’re feeling and how we’re coping. When you have a chronic condition that separates you from the world there is enormous comfort in sameness. With so little energy it’s hard to know how to find a way to help others but we can help each other by sharing our stories. Doesn’t have to be pages and pages, maybe it’s a word, a picture or an emoji, just one link in a chain to let each other know we’re here, we’re listening, we understand. If you’d like to be a link in the chain click here.

All right then, thanks for putting up with the platitude laden prose, it’s just that loneliness sucks and emotions are messy but seem manageable the moment someone else admits to feeling the same. Plus some people are just better at putting it into words, so to those people I would ask you, when you feel well enough to help out the rest of us who take a stuff every emotion in a box, lock it, shove it into another box and throw into the nearest volcano type approach.

Not interested in sharing or need a prompt for where to start in letting it out of the box try the one minute meditation –

If people could walk a mile in my shoes…Or possibly, more accurately, restlessly lie down in my pyjamas.

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