Your Story

Instead of me giving unsolicited advice or continuing to put up with my flippant coping mechanisms, I would much prefer you tell me how you are coping.

Honestly, sharing anything personal makes me extremely uncomfortable and mostly talking about ME/CFS to anyone other than a select few feels like the illness is taking over my identity. But I’m going to try that thing where you share and reflect in the hopes that others will also share and reflect. Everyone has something they are struggling with or battling against, so, understandably, people’s compassion tanks can run low for helping someone with a chronic condition. So, here’s a space where you can talk about the health battles you’ve won or lost today.

Please come join me in stepping outside your comfort zone and tell your story on your terms.

Reply in the comments below with a word, a sentence, a picture or an emoji. Or fill out the contact form if you are interested in doing a guest blog, want to suggest topics or share links of resources or websites that have helped. Let me know what you’re struggling with or what is giving you a moment of relief, humour, hope or clarity. 

We are listening

You are heard

We understand

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