ME Wishes

A friend calls you. After you say, “hello.” The friend replies, “you don’t have to tell me. I can hear it in your voice.” 

What would you hope friends and family could intuitively understand about what you’re going through? 

That was the question I posed as one of my One Minute Meditations for ME.  The exercise was about accepting that while we can’t control whether someone will understand what we’re going through or react in the way we desire when we tell them about what its like to have ME/CFS we can externalise it by writing it down which helps to take some of the rawness out of the yearning to be seen and understood.

Thanks to the #millionsmissing campaign this past week I found that Jo from A Journey Through the Fog asked the question more directly and a whole group of people who not only answered the question but also shared it with others. You can click here for a link to her blog explaining the motivation for the campaign.

You can find peoples answers via Jo’s website or #MEwishes or through several other platforms.



Huge thank you to Jo and all the amazing people who responded. Your answers made a difference to me and will make a difference to others not feeling so alone and misunderstood.

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