Serious ME/CFS Contributors

There are so many amazing people around the world working on ME/CFS research, advocacy and community support. The first site I will highlight is How to get on. Its incredibility informative especially for those in the USA and its also beautifully illustrated. A journey through the fog is also a great site from the UK. For an Australian summary of both research and how to access help and resources Emerge is fantastic and of course there is the amazing work being done by ME action groups across the world.

UK ME Action 

US ME Action

AUS Me Action

List of other national and regional groups.

Image Credit: Artwork by Elizabeth D’angelo check out her website for more beautiful artwork as well as ME/CFS blogs and details on commissions.

Many more serious and experienced contributors will be sprinkled throughout my blogs. 

Let me know what’s the best source of information where you are.

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